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Its a simple process to to register.

Nomaswazi High School teachers form the integral part of this website. Each Teacher is responsible for the lesson content and responsible for mainlining it with any new or updated material. The Teachers are here to help with any issues that a student may have through the group portal.

How To Become A Teacher

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You may register on Nomaswazionline if you are a current teacher at Nomaswazi High School.

Its an easy process by filing in the form and submitting it to the admin.
The role of the instructor is to help any student that is taking their course with any queries or issues that they may have .

Each instructor has a group for their subject where they can help as a community with issues related that subject.
Each instructor is responsible for the education material on the website as per their subject.

Please contact Martin at with any issues, changes or suggestions to your curriculum
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