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About the Online School

1.       Nomaswazi Online is an online learning platform that allows learners from all ages and all parts of South Africa to study online via study materials and tuition supports provided through the online platform.

2.       Nomaswazi Online is NOT an examination centre.

3.       Learners must first contact their local Department of Education offices to register for final examinations, secure a place to write examinations and secure an exam number AND THEN register with Nomaswazi Online for access to learning materials and tuition support.

4.       Learners must be aware of Department of Education registration/intake dates.

5.       All materials and tuition support is available for only the duration of that relevant academic year i.e. up until 15 December of that academic year.

Course Instructors and Teaching Assistants

Nomaswazi Online instructors work hard to provide students with high quality courses and compelling learning experiences. Depending on the course, it may have more than one instructor, as well as teaching assistants to help answer questions you may have.

Platforms and Features

One of the great things about learning on Nomaswazi Online School is that you can access your courses from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop / laptop, Android or IOS Device as well as Ipad or Tablet.

Add a Course to Your Wishlist

Adding free or paid courses to your wishlist is a quick and easy way to save a course for later, and enroll in it when you’re ready. This article outlines how you can add courses to your wishlist…

Once you have browsed over the courses snd found what you like then simply click on the heart button to add to you favorite collection.

In your “My Profile”  you will find these courses listed there.

System Requirements

How to Preview And Compare Courses

On any course you view you can see the Instructor, Curriculum and other facts about the Subject,

How to Become an Instructor: FAQ

We’re happy you’re interested in becoming a Nomaswazi Online School instructor. At Nomaswazionline School we have in house Tutors that look out for students that  are currently studying.

Creating and Editing Your Profile

Every Nomaswazi Online School account includes a profile page, where you can share information about yourself, and add links to your personal website or social media profiles. You will fing this in your Profile Page,.

Using Your Google or Facebook Account to Access Nomaswazi Online (Coming Soon)

In addition to registering for Nomaswazi Online School by entering an email address and creating a password,  you can also sign up using your Google or Facebook account. How to Sign up Using Your Google or…

Instructor Account Notifications

Instructors receive several kinds of email notifications related to Nomaswazi Online School their courses and messages they’re sent by students. In addition, some notifications can be accessed in your account’s notification bell at the top of the page. This article…

Organize Your Nomaswazi Online Courses With Collections

As you enroll in more-and-more Nomaswazi Online School courses, you may find that you want to organize the courses in your My Courses section. By utilizing our Collections and Archive features, you can easily organize your Nomaswazi Online School courses. You will find all your Subjects that you have registered for in either your My Profile or Account pages

Has my Account Been Compromised?

We know how upsetting it can be if you think your account may have been accessed without your authorization. But, before you panic and conclude your account has been compromised, consider whether there may be a reasonable explanation… Contact us immediately if you have any suspicions.

Keeping Your Account Secure

Nomaswazi Online School has security protocols in place to help keep your account secure, but there are several things you can also do to protect your account, and dramatically reduce the likelihood of it being compromised. Choose a Strong Password… and don’t share it with anyone.

Change Your Email Login

Your login credentials can be changed at any time. You can change the email address associated with your Nomaswazi Online School account from your account settings.

Unsubscribe From Nomaswazi Online School Notifications

If you no longer wish to receive certain notifications from Nomaswazi Online School and instructors, you can unsubscribe from them by changing your notification settings. You can edit your notification settings in you account section.

How do I Log Into my Nomaswazi Online Account?

You can login to your Nomaswazi Online School account with your email and password, Facebook or Google (Coming Soon). Logging in With Your Email and Password If you used an email address and password to create your Nomaswazi Online School account, follow the steps… Simply click on Login and Put your Username and passwords in

Change or Reset Your Nomaswazi Online Password

Forgot Password You can request a password reset email from the login page: Move your cursor to the top right of Nomaswazi Online’s homepage, then click on Login Click Forgot Password Enter your email and click the I’m not…

Report a Security Vulnerability

If you’ve found a security vulnerability on the Nomaswazi Onlines Schools site, please report it through to the webmaster. Our security team will investigate all legitimate reports and will do their best to fix issues as quickly as possible.

Video & Audio Issues: Troubleshooting

Why Won't the PDF Load?

Sometimes, a PDF document will take a while time to load. From the course dashboard, check how many pages is included in the document. If the document has multiple pages it’s likely that the large file size is impacting the load time. Try refreshing the page to fix the issue.

I Can't Find my Course

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